Report on April 7 Zoning Committee Meeting

On Monday April 7, the Richland County Zoning and Land Information Committee held a public hearing on the proposed ordinance changes regarding Frac Sand Mining. Over 20 people attended the public hearing, and all spoke in favor of the ordinance changes.

Several people suggested additional changes, including:

  • add that all trucks, rail cars hauling sand, and sand storage piles must be covered
  • prohibit frac sand mining within one mile of a trout stream and the Pine River
  • make the fencing standard four strands of barbed wire
  • under the section Other Assurance 1. Road Repair, include language that this covers zoned townships
  • add property value protection

All of the speakers thanked the committee for their work on this important issue.

Due to the additional suggestions the committee did not vote on the changes at the meeting.

The next  step will be for the zoning administrator to review the suggestions and incorporate in the zoning ordinance where possible. Concerns were raised by the committee on how to protect property values legally in an ordinance.

The final ordinance with revisions will be voted on at the May 5 Zoning and Land Information Committee meeting. The recommended changes to the zoning ordinance will then be sent to the County Board for their adoption on Tuesday May 20.

Thank you for your continued support.

Connie Champnoise
Co Chair Richland Stewardship Project

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